Makriotika Kefalonia: taste the flavour of authentic Greek life!

The village of Makriotika is situated 5km from the picturesque port of Agia Efimia, framed by high mountains, on a height of more than 200 metres.

The Kefalonians call it “The balcony of Pylaros”, as it offers, indeed, a fascinating view across the wide valley of Pylaros: the harbour of Agia Efimia, the sea, the surrounding high mountains and the small traditional villages. Across the water, you can see Ithaca and some days you can even make out the mountains of Peloponnes.

Makriotika is located in the centre of the island, and is thus an ideal base for exploring the island.

Here you can taste the flavour of the authentic Greek life. A nice “Platia” (village square), small red-roofed houses with flower-filled terraces, a friendly tavern, a mini-market, a school and – as in each Greek village – a church. In the summer, the Platia is filled with playing children, native and emigrant Kefalonians and tourists.

Approx. 5 km from the village there are numerous beaches offering opportunities for swimming, snorkelling and scuba diving in the summer. Most beautiful and most impressive beach is the spectacular Myrtos beach, one of the most beautiful beaches in Greece.

The location is also ideal for nature lovers and hikers. You can walk for example to Agia Efimia. You will pass through an old traditional village, above the valley of Pylaros and facing Agia Efimia and the sea. Or you can leave the main road and take one of the several paths going through the green valley to Agia Efimia.

You can also walk to the beautiful monastery of Themata (approx. 4 km) which offers spectacular views. A path from the monastery leads to the top of the wild mountain of Agia Dynati (1,100 metres) and its new wind generators, capable to cover big part of the island’s power needs.

Between the mountain’s peaks of the region of Makriotika there are numerous small idyllic tablelands, with one larger named Falari. It is believed that people living here produce the best feta-cheese in Greece.

All amenities in Makriotika (Kefalonia)

2 taverns, mini-market

Makriotika Kefalonia
Makriotika Kefalonia